Thursday, 20 October 2011

Don't Dilly Dally....

Good Evening dearest blog readers, thank you for tapping into my whisker waves on this nippy night.

'Er what feeds me came home from the Treacle Mines in the usual bewildered state crossed with a furious choked ferret grimace!

For a human bean that moves quick and is extremely conscientious, she is either drowning in swamp muck or severely slowed up by the great big dollops n cobwebs at the Mine. Gizzy and I were completely baffled about why in the year 2011, 'er was slowed by great big dollops n swampy dear friends, we went to boldly investigate the core of the Treacle Mine!

Guess what we found!?

We found Dilly Dally the Diplodocus, she was MASSIVE and ate up loads of vegetable fodder producing  great big dollopy plopus and the most Jurassic ways. Gizzy was shocked that Dilly Dally was so backwards with technology she had not even considered the WHEEL! Dont get me wrong dearest friendly folk, I love old things like Atticus and black n white films, 'er loves castle ruins and calligraphy but Ooooo dear oh dear....Gizzy and I do not have the heart to tell'er that the Treacle Mine is run by Dilly Dally!

I had to make 'er a big cuppa tea when she got in to recover. Its a secret about the dinosaur - its just between us - keep warm in your nesting materials!
Ta Ta

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