Sunday, 23 October 2011

Beetroot Chutney & Jim Jam Enterprises UK

Good Afteroon dearest friends - Thank you for tuning in to my whisker waves, I do hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Its been all go recently and I must say I'm mighty glad to take this opportunity to take the weight off me ol tabby paws and let you all know the latest goings on.

My very good friend Paddy the Woofet O'Sullivan telephoned my boss Jemmy Jim Jams up at the Bunker HQ and requested some bunny business assistance and the help of the Kit Kat Gang. Jemmy rubbed her little white paws together and immediately sent us all scrambling over to see Paddy.

Paddy had been working flat out furkeling empty jars as he had been extremely industrious with knocking out the annual stocks of Beetroot Chutney. We all piled in to Paddy's kitchen and I'm not joking there was beetroot everywhere!

We all leapt to his aid and started bottling and labeling. Jemmy kindly donated Katy Cider to the thirsty workers and it was then dear readers that the ol rabbit had one of her big bunny ideas! She was staring at the Beetroot Chutney and the Cider Bottles that Atticus had been working on. We could hear the Ka-ching - Ka-ching sound of money coming from between her long black flappy ear-oles!

Well dear blog readers...Jim Jam Enterprises UK are now going into HAMPER PRODUCTION. Jemmy sent Tatty and Atticus off for a bulk stash of cracker biscuits then sent Gizzy and I off to acquire a suitable delivery van. Paddy was going to have a snooze in front of the woodburner but was instructed to start another batch of pickles! Jem then shot off up the hill hot paw to Windy Ridge to ask Deirdre about goat cheese supplies.

(Sigh).... looks like its going to be a very busy Autumn and a bumper Christmas!

Ta Ta for now and sleep well in your nesting materials.

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