Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Electronic String Quartet

Good Afternoon dearest friends.

As you know mice really love classical music with a modern twist. At this time of year all the little mice take off across the fields with their tents and supplies of cheese to attend a Big Music Festival up at The Clumps Wood. This year they are very excited as its featuring the Missy Mouse Electronic String Quartet.

All the mice are going crazy for them!

Due to all the excitement and the Missy Mouse success...Jemmy Jim Jams has been thinking. (Gulp)
Shes got a very dusty violin but shes wondering about blowing the fluff off it and forming a band with the Kit -Kat Gang. Tatty has a Banjo that I can borrow and he plays the piano and little Gizzy is hot stuff on the drums! Atticus can play the Clarinet and is Grade 8 at the Kazoo....

We shall see but I must be going now to buy my ear defenders from Construction Supplies as I have a bit of  apprehensive tingling to my whiskers!

Cheerie-pip for now.

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