Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Knitting Disasters

Good Morning dearest friends

I do hope you are all tickerty-boo and enjoying the summer time.

There has been a bit of a crazy knitting epidemic that has broken out all over the area which started up at The Clumps. Boo Boo Massou the Leader of the Bongo Drumming Bunnies started up a knitting circle and all the little bunnies went wild wanting wool, patterns and knitting needles.

My boss Jemmy Jim Jams had her ear to the ground and is always quick to spot a trend. She saw this as an excellent business opportunity so was about to buy in a stash of wool and whatnot to flog up the market.

However....after seeing what happened when we all had a go....

she changed her mind!

I quietly think the ol' bunny boss may have made a mistake here and is missing out on a nice little earner.
 Boo Boo Massou is in talks with the local flock of sheep and  the whisper is shes opening a wool shop.

Best of luck I say!


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