Monday, 27 January 2014

Saving a Fish Pie

Good Afternoon dearest friends.

As you know, Jemmy Jim Jams has dropped us all in it....errr...I mean to say she has encouraged us to take up Olympic Winter Sports.

I am meant to be trying to persuade Atticus to wear the correct modern aero-dynamical cosi for the Alpine Downhill event. We have got some flashy ski's now but he will not take off the pink fleece onsie or his thermal rainbow hat as he says he wont be bullied by anyone or conform.

 However he did agree to go on the ski lift with me at lunch time and have a cup of hot chocolate.

When we were nearly to the top Atticus was slurping away on his hot drink when suddenly he remembered he had left his fish pie cooking in the chalet at the bottom of the mountain. We quickly hopped off the ski lift and Atti told me not to worry, he would be back in flash!

He left me holding the flask at the top of the giant ski jumping slope and shot off to rescue his fish pie from being cremated.

I had no idea that Atticus was secretly a champion ski jumper but of course Atti never brags or shows off.

The good news is Atti rescued his pie but has caused quite a stir in the mountain resort!

I'll be back soon, Atti has kept some pie for me. Ta Taa

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