Thursday, 30 January 2014

Singing Badgers & Signaling

Hello Everybody.

I bet my whiskers that the rain is really getting on your wick dear readers.

As you know Boo Boo Massou and the Moon Worshiping Bunnies have been cut off by flooding so we have been paddling out carrot and cabbage supplies by coracle. As you can imagine morale is low in the bunny tribal community, so Boo Boo hired the local Badger Theatre Group to perform 'Singing in the Rain' for some light entertainment.

That went rather well actually!

Gizzy Whizzie handed out semaphore flags and taught a few rabbits how to signal their shopping lists to the  'mainland' so we can get them what they need. 

Anyway, I must be off now, the rabbits are meant to be signalling for essential items but Gizzy has translated that one of them wants a satellite dish and a coffee maker....hmmm!

Keep your paws dry and Taa taa for now.

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