Sunday, 26 January 2014

Gizzy's New Olympic Kit

Good Afternoon dearest blog readers. I have good news about our sports equipment.

It was voted by all of us that little Gizzy Whizzie should get her sports kit first for health and well being reasons.

Hurtling along on a tea tray at break neck speed on the icy Skeleton run in just a woolly tank top with a colander helmet was both seriously daring and perilous.

Jemmy Jim Jams went to the pub to see a ferrety acquaintance of ours called Monty Grabba. It just so happened he had managed to acquire some proper sports kit for Gizzy ....

Hooorah! Well as you can imagine Gizzy LOVES this so much and we have very high hopes for a medal.

I'll be back soon -  Jemmy has insisted I try to persuade old Atticus not to wear Lavinia's pink fleece onsie for the Alpine Downhill event. Wish me luck with that!


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