Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Quick Exit

Hello dearest blog readers, I do hope you are all very well.

Its been a right ol' drama  - put your paws up and have a cuppa tea and I'll tell you all about it.

It all started when Atticus packed his carpet bag and said he couldn't be doing with this Olympic malarkey and was going back home as he was cold and missed kippers so much.

I then had a phone call from home, it was Lavinia up at the Mudflingers Barn. She said we all must fly home as The Clumps Wood where Boo Boo Massou and the moon worshipping bunnies live had been cut off like an island by the floods. The Bongo Bunny Drummers were sending out a 'Save Our Fluffy Tales' messages every hour.

Just when I thought that was bad enough news - Lavinia said The Piglet Possy had managed to do up an old VW Camper and had taken it for a test drive....(gulp)
I assured Lavinia that I would tell their Godmother Jemmy Jim Jams as soon as I could find her....Trouble was Jem had hopped off somewhere..

Gizzy and I tried to find Jemmy all over the Ski Resort but there was no sign of the ol' rabbit boss. A snow storm started so we legged it back to the chalet. Where could Jemmy be!?

I was awoken in the middle of the night - my whiskers were twangy with fright - I heard a frantic knocking at the Chalet door...

What followed was a QUICK EXIT !

It turned out that Jemmy had smuggled in a large crate of Tatty Schnapsie Olympic Edition to sell off at ...have you gawn raving mad prices.

You know whats shes like, she managed to shift the whole lot to a regiment of Cossack' s with big fluffy hats and all was well she thought.

Being a bit tickled pink with smugness and flush with the ol crinkly cabbage in her paw she shot off to the ice rink to see Katya Hoppenorf.

They were just about to put their ice skates on when there was a mighty commotion. Some of the Cossack's with the big fluffy hats and pointy swords had tried a sipsey of the Tatty Schnapsie.  It blew their hats clean off! Several nose dived into a snow drift and as you can imagine they were not very happy!

Luckily for Jemmy and Katya, the snow was so thick and falling fast they were able to hop off and disappear. Their paw prints were covered by snow and it was if they never existed.

Don't worry, we are all home safe now but we will not be resting. There are piglets to find and rabbits to rescue so I'll be back soon.

Watch your whiskers out there and ta taa.

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