Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sochi - Animal Winter Olympics

Good Afternoon dearest friends, I do hope you are all very well and keeping your paws warm.

I am sorry to have been off the whisker waves but Jemmy Jim Jams announced out of the blue that she had entered all of us into the Sochi Winter Olympics....

As you can imagine this came as rather a shock and the first problem to arise was the issue of equipment.

As you can see Gizzy Whizzie has been selected for the Skeleton which as you know is a very fast winter slide so she was given a colander helmet, a woolly tank top and a coffee tray.

Atticus who is used to things going rapidly downhill was selected to do the Alpine Downhill Event.

He has floorboard skis and two drumsticks for ski poles.The lycra outfit that Jemmy found for him did not go down too well with the old cat so he has borrowed Lavinia's pink fleece onsie and her oven gloves.

Jemmy is borrowing the floorboard skis to take part in the Biathlon which is cross country skiing and rifle shooting, unfortunately Jem could only get a Tommy Gun online which may not be accepted as a substitute.

 As for me dear readers, I found out I am on the Curling Team. That did vex me for a while as I had fearful bother trying to catch a Curlew for this event. This bird just doesn't want to play Curling with me. As you know I am a team player but I'm wondering if Jemmy may let me do commentating instead with Clare Balding.

As for dear ol 'Tatty Mudflinger....

He was told to find us a four cat Bobsleigh. He looked everywhere and ended up 'converting' a council wheelie bin. As you can tell Jemmy is going to have a good think about how to get us some proper kit.

She doesn't want to look daft in front of the Russian Mafia rabbits but mostly she wants to impress Katya Hoppenorf who will be in the figure skating so I'm expecting new kit soon.

Righty o I'm off to feed the Curlew.

Watch your whiskers out there and Ta-Taa for now.

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