Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sprucie Moosies Cabin

Sprucie Moosies Cabin
by Jess ( aka 'er what feeds me)
There is a little wooden cabin,
In the wildy wilderness,
Far from the forest trail,
Its where Sprucie Moosie lives.
Saskatoon berries are delivered,
By grizzly Bears big paws,
Beavers paddle up the maple syrup,
Which Licky Lynx adores.
Racoons bring a pancake pan
Spikey Porcupine has the eggs,
He carried um safely all the way,
- He's only got little legs.
Splishy sploshy the salmon leap,
In the Rockie Mountain creek
Lots and lots of things to eat,
At Sprucie Moosies Cabin

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