Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Mudflinger's Marmalade

Good Morning dearest followers,

I do hope you are all well and have warm paws.

I received a lovely sunny letter and photograph this morning from Lavinia Mudflinger and the marmalade kittens. They are all out in Spain. I thought you would like to see the picture as it reminds ourselves of sunnier days to come.

Tatty and Angus are looking after the farm here whilst the rest of the Mudflinger family are on a kind of Orange Picking 'holiday' to help Jemmy. They are being paid by the crate so all the kittens have been climbing the trees enthusiastically. Jemmy pointed out the extra vitamin C and exercise is doing wonders for their fur and growth.

Jemmy did some sort of deal with the orange grove owner who wears a white suit and hat and quite by chance discovered he was a billionaire. Jemmy was all ears n whiskers...

The bunny billionaire lamented that being rich had its perks but little privacy. He looked out to sea and said...

"Oh Jemmy, if only someone could build me a luxury Super yacht...(Sigh)......"

Pound signs whizzed around Jemmy's eyeballs and quick as a flash she agreed and took a down payment for designing and building a Super Yacht!

I did try to say to Jemmy at the meeting that it was a whole different kettle of kippers to shifting Marmalade but the ol'rabbit is on a mission now and we have all got to help...

Watch your whiskers out there..

Ta ta

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