Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The BORED Meeting

Good Afternoon dearest friends,

I am so glad you have popped in to read my little blog and a belated Happy New Year to you all!

Its been a while since I was last on the whisker waves. I feel such a fuzzy ol' fool as I managed to forget my password.  Fortunately little Angus Mudflinger the Marmalade Kitten who understands the technological gubbins has put me in tune with you all again.

To be fair, after the Calvados and Cherry Schnappsie testing last year nobody can recall the goings on  between then and now so I do not think you missed much...

In fact - so little has occurred Jemmy Jim Jams became restless and has twitchy paws....so invited us all to attend a 'BORED' Meeting....

I provided the tea and Jammy Dodger biscuits and all was tickerty boo...

Its at times like this dear friends when all is quiet and ordinary that you need to watch your whiskers! Jemmy Jim Jams revealed her new idea to me for 2015..(gulp).. you can tell by little tabby face its alarming and on a grand scale.

Keep safe and warm and return soon and I will reveal the hair brained...errr ..enterprising plan.

Ta Ta

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