Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Boo Boo Massou's Mystical Paws

Good Evening dearest friends ...I do hope you are all warm & safe on this rainy ol' night. I'm rather pooped out but I've tuned into the whisker waves to let you all know the hoo-haa that went on last night! As you know I was off with my Halloween Lantern to The Clumps Woodland for Boo Boo Massou's Halloween Party. It was so dark and creepy last night, luckily the sky was full of friendly bright stars. I could hear the bongo drums and chanting coming from the Mystical Moon Worshipping Bunnies so I knew I was near to Boo Boo Massou's Hut. Suddenly I heard voices...my whiskers went twangy and I hid behind a big tree trunk.

Just ahead of me was The Chief of Police and Sergeant Wilberforce creeping along all sneaky like. The Chief was whispering something about The Bunnies holding another Rave and drinking illegal moonshine. Sergeant Wilberforce was meant to be hiding but I could see him a mile off in his Police Glow in the dark uniform!

Suddenly they were spotted by someone else....(gulp!)

A WITCH dear blog readers, a real one! She had a big green hooky nose and on spotting the cops she cast a spell and Ooooo Nooo...she turned the Chief into a frog!

Then straight away she turned poor ol Sergeant Wilberforce into a cat which looked like it could do with a big feed of kibble!

I am not use to witches but obviously working as a minder for Jemmy Jim Jams I'm not scared of nuffink even green warty witches with big shonks. I grabbed my Pumpkin Lantern and lobbed it at her!

KA-POW!!! She vanished...fank our lucky stars for that...you have to watch your whiskers don't you folks! Well I picked up the Chief of Police who was still a frog and poor Sergeant Wilberforce in his cat form followed me to Boo Boo Massou's hut. The party was wild, lots of lanterns and dancing and munching going on. I explained to Boo Boo Massou what had happened and as you would expect the dear mystical bunny had an ointment that restores folk back to normal.

The good news is The Chief and Sarg Wilberforce were zapped back to Police HQ all in good nick so to speak and a jolly good time was had by all! What a night...this story may be slightly embellished as I think I may be still under the influence of the pea-pod wine.

Sweet Dreams friendly folk and sleep safe in your nesting materials. Ta Ta

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