Friday, 20 September 2013

Carrot Crime

Hello Friendly Folk

I do hope you are all tickerty-boo and watching your whiskers out there.

My dear ol' friend Tatty Mudflinger has been working very hard out in the fields as he now has eight marmalade kittens to feed and as you can imagine its a big responsibility.

He carefully planted out a field of carrot seeds and has lovingly nurtured them into growing plentiful and strong. He made sure they were not thirsty in all the sunshine and has been entertaining them every day with banjo music and singing.

Can you see Harvey the little mouse who lives in Tatty's hat singing along?

It was time to harvest the carrots so Tatty carefully dug them up and washed them all.
Beautiful big carrots dear readers - all clean, orange n bright, just right to be presented and sold fresh to the supermarket.

Tatty loaded up just two crates of carrots to show to the sales fella and he was so excited thinking about buying a nice big chicken for his hungry family with the money from the carrot sale.

Just when everything seemed great ...

The smarmy sales bloke offered just one stinky sprat per crate!!What a low life rotter, Tatty went home and bewildered with despair he drank a bottle of Tatty Schnappsie...which dear friends never works out well! Poor ol Tatty Mudflinger fell asleep in a stash of lovely fresh clean carrots and Harvey the mouse knew he must get help...

There is only one rabbit in the world you can turn to when in a whole big pile of carrot disaster...
Yes! You have to go to Jemmy Jim Jams the Mafia Godmother of all Business Bunnies!

As you can imagine being a close friend of Tatty and as 'Godmother' to all his kittens ol' Jem wasn't a happy bunny so she bounced into action.

I was sent off to shovel up a whole pile of earth and Gizzy shot off to the horse trough to bring a bucket of water. We then made a massive  brown paste and rolled  the carrots coating them all in thick mud.

We packed them all up in crates and Jemmy was doing wheelie -dealing on the ol mobile bunny blower.

I'm happy to tell you Tatty got his big roast chicken for dinner in the end as the ol rabbit sold  the muddy carrots to the supermarket as Delux Organic 'See in the Dark' Carrots .

I must be going now, watch your whiskers out there and I'll be back soon.

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