Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Mouse Council Service Announcement

Greetings dearest blog readers,

I got a little bit lost last night due to the return of the autumnal mists - I was scampering tabby quick paw across the fields trying to get home for supper when I bumped into to a couple of field mice called Erol and Teggy. They were  putting up warning signs by very poisonous mushrooms. They asked me to make a Mouse Council Service Announcement on this blog as apparently a lot of little mice tune into my whisker waves.

The trouble all kicked off last Autumn you see when some mad ol' hippy mice went and had big nibblings of a Fly Agaric Mushroom. I know its horrible dear friends but Im sorry to say they got done in! It caused a right ol' kafluffle and a big ol' stink I can tell you. Due to the mousie out-cry the Mouse Council have got Erol and Teggy  putting up these warning signs.
In the past baby mice were read stories about fairies and gnomes that sat on these mushrooms making them seem all innocent, sweet n fluffsey......but truth is they are bloomin' deadly!
Whilst I was nattering to Erol and Teggy they spotted some Sulphur Tuft mushrooms so they quickly whacked another sign in with Erol's mallet.

Obviously they are only little mice with tiny legs so they don't cover a large area so that's why they asked me to tell you all about it and show you their pictures.
Watch your whiskers out there and I'll be broadcasting again soon  - Taa Taaa.

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