Sunday, 6 May 2012

Scrambling Action

Good Afternoon dearest blog readers, I do hope you are all very well on this Bank Holiday.

'Er what feeds me has been huffin' n puffin' every morning struggling to get her trouseys on for work due to the paunchy belly! He He! So....enough was enough....

'Er has been zooming along on an exercise bike this week and I've been in charge of the stop-watch.

Gizzy Whizzy has also been getting fit this week with her new pink spangly hula-hoopin'....

...but as you know dear friends hula hoopin isn't really fast or daring enough for our little Gizzy. She is a speed demon!

 Jemmy Jim Jams is never slow to pick up on advertising opportunities and mysteriously acquired a scrambling motorbike for Gizzy this week with the Jim Jam Enterprises sticker on the back. Gizzy was thrilled and donned her pink leathers n scrambling boots for action  Under instruction from Jemmy, The Kit Kat Gang put up Jim Jam  advertising boards all around the Speedway track and Deirdre the Goat has set up a betting office with Ronnie & Reggie piglet managing the door.  Gizzy has been showing off doing death defying stunt riding for the crowds !

Dear ol' Atti took this picture for the local paper. I am terrified she will do herself a mischief, so I went with all my first aid kit!

I'm happy to say Gizzy still has all her whiskers in place and Jemmy and Deirdre giggled and dragged a large sack of crinkly cabbage takings from the make shift bookies office back to the Mafia Bunker.

Ta Ta for now.

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