Monday, 21 May 2012

The Take-Away Song by Idgie the Cat

Good Afternoon dear friends, I apologise there aren't any  picciez today as 'er is feeling green n icky, I don't have much time so I've written a little song...

The Take-Away Song

Sitting on the door mat
At the Prince of Deli
A little tabby cat
With a rumberly belly

Ooh spare me Jalfrezzie
And a broken poppadom
Big green eyes don't work here
As I'm swiftly moved along

To the Cantonese now
I'm sitting on the bins
Some egg fried rice to go please
And a fizzy poppy drink

Ooh now I can smell a fishy
So go skipping to the chippy
There they've got a telly
That I watch n hold my belly

My!- Is that the time now!?
Ooh dearie dearie me
I better hurry up
Else I'll be late for my tea!

Sorry that was a bit daft I know but I really must leg it now! Cheerie Pip & bless you all.

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