Monday, 7 May 2012

Ten Pin Bowling

Good Afternoon my dear friends, what a rainy ol' Bank Holiday it is, 'er what feeds me is all cheesed off as she had delusions of sea fishing and catching something big for OUR tea ...but it continues to piddly puddley down! (Sigh).
I was just getting the symptoms of hutch fever when thankfully Jemmy Jim Jams scampered in and told me we are all going Ten Pin Bowling. I dived into the cupboard (junk hole) and after much flinging n furkeling through 'er ol' tutt I found my big Bowling Ball which looks like a massive Edam Cheese. You need to be mighty careful not to drop it on your paws coz you wont 'alf know about it!!

Jemmy Jim Jams is super deadly at Ten Pin Bowling. It's useful she says to be accurate at lobbing stuff in our line of work. Petunia made Jemmy her own Hot Cross Bunny Bowling jacket but Jemmy never wears flappy harlequin bowling shoes. I must say they are sometimes a bit cheesy...(YUK!!!).

Jemmy always gets strikes, she's winning as usual but that's good news for us as if the  ol' bunny boss is happy, then its a blessing to us all.

Professor Atticus never wears the flappy harlequin shoes either as he likes to slide along wearing his fluffy moccasin slippers. Its a weird technique I have to say and isn't really successful as you can see by the big score board. I have the Bouncing Bomb technique which is alarmingly damaging mainly to the bowling alley floor but Jemmy has had all the floors reinforced especially for me. Gizzy has a super deadly back spin which can sometime rebound so everyone stands well back. Tatty Mudflinger LOVES Ten Pin Bowling and takes the marmalade kittens often. He has The Flinger throw and has a gigantic blue bowling ball.

Due to the successful crinkly cabbage scramble bike fund from yesterday, Jemmy is taking us all for big snaffling. Deirdre the Goat did so well in the betting office she's gawn to the Las Vegas Casinos for two weeks with Mystic Turkey!

Ta Ta for now and watch your whiskers out there!

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