Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Hello dear blog readers, I do hope you are all well but I know if you are badgers its a blinkin' awful day... 

Jemmy & I have had our paws full. A couple of very distressed Badgers from Gloucestershire turned up at Tatty Mudflingers Barn seeking safe shelter. Tatty let them in and gave them some straw nesting materials then a couple more turned up..then another and another...and another...

Tatty called me and said we better get up to the Barn pronto..

The humanbean government are gonna duff in 70% of badgers so obviously ...Badgers aint daft! - they are legging it all over the place and with every gun shot more of um will leg it over the hills n far away...and as it turns out legging it to our Tatty Mudflingers Barn. Jemmy and I wore our Resistance Berets, macs n socks to show the Homeless Badgers we want to help um but we dont know how. Even Jemmy cant think what to do and shes the one with the brains ( Im the one with the good looks!). Distressed Badgers keep coming n coming.

Watch your whiskers out there!

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