Saturday, 30 July 2011

MI6 and The Great Badger Airlift

Good Afternoon dear friends and I do hope you are all tickerty-boo on this sunny weekend.

Since my last blog to you all the badger situation at Tatty Mudflingers barn grew and grew and nobody knew what to was becoming an emergency so Jemmy Jim Jams went down to her bunker to contact the only person in the world that the Ol' rabbit would take orders from.

Jemmy called M at MI6...she said ..."This is Hot Cross Bunny....repeat this is Hot Cross Bunny calling London...come in chief!!".

M was just having a nice cuppa tea and a jammy dodger biccy so wasn't too keen to be disturbed by one of the rural outposts but realising it was Jemmy Jim Jams she was all ears. She owed Jemmy a few favours and soon help was dispatched...

Gizzy flew Jemmy and I in the Chinook Helicopter up to Tatty Mudflingers old Potato Field and all the badgers boarded and we took them off and away. Obviously I cannot tell you where we flew to as it's Top Top Secret, its more than my whiskers worth to say but rest assured the badgers from Jemmy's Manor are all in safety now and starting a new life.

Its all been so hectic Gizzy and I took a little holiday. The weather has been so lovely we went rockpooling wearing our sunhats. We caught shrimps and I tried to tug a limpet off the rocks but they kind of super-lock on for dear life! I bet they taste all rubbery anyway.

We absolutely love reading detective stories and our favourites at the moment are by MC Beaton - Agatha Raisin is the detective and ooo it does make us laugh, I can't put them down.

Gizzy is very wary of sleeping on the beach due to a terrible fear of drowning, I must teach her to swim as I have lots of swimming badges.To put her mind at ease I borrowed a Rescue Inflatable Ring from the RNLI for her so all was well for snoozing. 

I guess we will have to come back soon from our holiday, I really don't fancy it as I love fishing, rock pooling and reading all day. Oh well, I expect the Ol rabbit will have a job for us when we get back and its never dull dear readers!

Bless you all and Ta Ta for now.

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