Sunday, 3 July 2011

Surfs up !

Good Afternoon dearest blog readers - I do hope you are all tickerty-boo. I haven't been on the techno electro waves to you this week as Ive been trying to help Jemmy Jim Jams. Its all been a bit of a do and a bit too much for the ol' Mafia Rabbit recently. Put your paws up a while and Ill tell you all about it...

Please don't ask me dear friends how the Dickens Jemmy has relations that are vultures, its just too complicated for my tabby brain but all you need to know is Jemmy's Nanny Vulture croaked it the other week and went to the big Vulture nest in the sky.
 Jemmy had a rotten time when she was a small bunny as Nanny Vulture would point a jabby claw and say nasty things to Jemmy from her old chair in the Vulture Lair. Jemmy was ...'weird'.....according to Nanny Vulture, Jemmy & Jon Bon Bunny didn't fit into the Vulture Family at all - Jemmy enjoyed talking to bats, cats & frogs...but Nanny Vulture ATE THEM!

Well...the Old Nanny Vulture croaked and didn't leave a single crinkly cabbage or carrot to Jemmy or Jon Bon in her will. Jemmy felt upset...and reacted as only my boss would, she was counting grenades when I found her and I knew I MUST DO SOMETHING QUICK! Shes a Mafia Boss but...shes MY BOSS and I love her!

Jemmy said " Idgie Wildcat MacVity - tell me what you'd do if you are robbed of your inheritance of 50,000 carrots!?" I told her she didn't eat carrots so not to worry and besides you cant smoke um! ( that cheered her up!)...there is only ONE THING you could do in a disastrous situation like this and that is to go FISHING!

We went to the beach dear readers and Jemmy wore her loud Hawaiian shirt and shorts and came with a hamper and Pimms No.1. It was a beautiful sunny day on the beach and I was having a great time but Jemmy got bored sitting on her towel. She cant understand why I like fishing, you see she doesn't eat fish at all but its my main diet! Jemmy hopped off up the beach saying she was off to find an ice cream....

Well time ticked on and Jemmy didn't return with an ice cream so I started to worry she had got lost but then I saw her dear readers...OUT AT SEA !!

He He! The Boss was SURFING dear readers and looked very happy indeed. I didn't catch any fish as I think they were frightened off by Jemmy's floral shorts but RESULT....the bunny bounced back as always!

Cheerie-pip everyone.

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