Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Good Evening dearest readers, I do hope you are all tickerty boo.

It's been one of those days where things just went up a gum tree without a paddle from the start!

Jemmy Jim Jams has been reading about how expensive Ming Vases are so she got Gizzy and I a potters wheel to try to knock out some genuine antique Chinese ceramics... (sigh)

 Well dear friends it started pretty well when we plugged in the motor and the clay span round n round n round but then suddenly it all collapsed on me, so Gizzy whacked up the power.

She wanted to have ago on the potters wheel next so I flicked the on switch and it started whizzing round, there was this horrible smell though and the motor got hotter and the clay vase got taller.

Suddenly, it caught fire and Oooo poor little Gizzy clung for dear life to the whirling clay.  I yanked the plug out fast...

...but t'was too late!!

Gizzy was propelled at 200mph into the air all caked in clay and I watched in horror as I saw her fly over the roof tops! I ran after her, my ticker pounding with terror as she's my best friend!

DO NOT FEAR dearest blog readers - Thank our lucky stars someone had hung their washing out on the line and by sheer panicked chanting, praying and good luck....

....Gizzy dive bombed into someone's big floral knickers!! Saved her life they did!

Naturally Gizzy was shaken up and really dizzy - when I found her she was rolled up in a flower bed in her LUCKY KNICKERS!

I am not looking forward to reporting to the boss that the Ming Vase idea may have to wait as the motor on the wheel has melted!

Watch your whiskers out there and look out for your pals, sleep safe in your nesting materials, Night Night.

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  1. Thank gawd for big floral print knickers, don't think I'll look at a Ming vase the same again! Poor Gizzy Wizzy, she's unlucky isn't she! Keep up the fantastic illustrations and stories. They are very funny and are great cartoons.