Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Raspberry Reserve

Good Evening dear friendly folk and thank you very much for reading my little blog.

Today I had a phone call from the Treacle Mines where 'er what feeds me works. Despite the newly supplied health n safety gear of radioactive yellow and illuminous orange 'er managed to succumb to the sickly toxic waft of the brown sticky stuff that surrounds 'er every day.

Er had to be stretchered out of the treacle mine suffering from the symptoms of noxious tedium so we went to collect her...

I have to say dear friends I was understandably beside myself with worry as all this business could mess up my feeding time!

Well fear ye not! We dragged her in the flat and my boss Jemmy Jim Jams just so happened to have a drop of the ol' Raspberry Reserve Liqueur for emergencies like this.

A few little sipsey slurples of that put 'er right in a few seconds so I can relax !

Cheerie-pip for now and sleep well in your nesting materials.

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