Monday, 22 August 2011

Atticus and the Katy Cider Apples

Good Evening to you all and thank you very much for popping in to read my little blog. I do hope you are all tickerty-boo.

Well dear readers, we have been busy....Atticus built a gigantic cider apple press and invited us all to come over and try some of his Katy Cider Variety. Cider making is a pretty scientific malarky and he had a few explosive cider bottles but all's well. Atticus needed some help with the next cider batch so we put a ladder up for Tatty Mudflinger to climb and turn the press. I held the ladder as it was pretty wibbley wibblesome.

Jemmy Jim-Jams helped with quality control and little Gizzy stuck on the bottle the end of the day we all had sticky labels stuck to us. Jemmy was so impressed with everything she's up to her usual wheelie dealing and Atticus is going to up production - another business venture!

Anyway, bless you all out there and especially to all you fruit pickers - watch your whiskers out there for waspies and falling apples!

Ta Ta

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