Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Go on... SMILE !

Hello there dear friendly folk and thank you very much for parking up to read my little blog.

Well...I dunno about you lot but some days are just a bit kind of flat n dreary, you know what I mean.....we were all sitting in the Cocktail Bar and none of us had any dosh to buy anything boozy n colourful. Tatty Mudflinger could not get up the courage to ask Lavinia to marry him, Jemmy hadn't had any wild crinkly cabbage spinning ideas, a goose had gawn poo on Atticus' telescope so he couldn't see Venus anymore, Gizzy dropped her motorbike key down a drain and I was just plain cheesed off as 'er hadn't got any kippers for tea for ages....(s i g h ).....

Well...what a rum 'ol lot we look...

Suddenly little Angus the marmalade kitten dashed in with a megaphone and yelled...

He made us all jump out of our fur! What a shock but we all did as he said and SMILED!

It's a funny ol thing this smiling larky, it's catching you know. Try it dear readers, even if you are feeling like your whiskers have drooped lower than they can go. Smile and it makes you happy. Jemmy stuck her tongue out as she never takes orders from anyone  but we all cheered up and stopped thinking about what had gone wrong and what we didn't have.

Atticus suddenly hopped up and said we should all come over to his house as he had built a cider press and it was time to test his Katy Red Apple Variety and invited us to a game of croquet!  Ill tell you all about it soon dear readers but for now...SMILE! Why don't ya!? It doesn't cost ya - so go on!

Tatty Bye now and take care of your pals.

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