Saturday, 13 August 2011

Spanner In The Works

Good Evening dear friendly blog readers, I do hope you are all tickerty boo.

The Chief of Police called round the other night as some irritating things were getting up his big nose and he asked Jemmy Jim Jams to pop up to London to help him out.. ' Jemmy Style'..(gulp) She left the bunker with her violin case and a heat seeking missile kit that she had been longing to try out since acquiring it up the pub.. She seemed happy so its been quiet without her .....too quiet in fact...

So quiet I could hear the boiler dripping....
 Drip...drip....drip....drip....drip......drip....drip....drip....blinking dripperty drip drip !!!! Well it got on my wick didn't it dear friends! I peered into the  boiler cupboard and was firstly nearly knocked out by the cheesy waft of an old abandoned baseball boot. Cynthia the Spider was hanging out in there too and it was all damp n 'orrible.

In these tough economical times my tabby brain told me to go fetch a spanner n tighten up...something that was causing the extremely irritating drip. I found a big spanner in my tool box and Cynthia the Spider started kicking off with her eight hairy legs swinging about! " Don't do it! " she shouted....but I walloped the drippy pipe and....

Ahhhrrrrrrrr! A tidal-wave engulfed by tabby body and Cynthia and I were whooshed out the cupboard!

I had to call in an I phoned little Gizzy Whizzie as she can mend anything!

Gizzy came prepared with a snorkle n flippers and her pink spanner and soon fixed it! Isn't she marvelous.We also noticed Id got slimmer when drenched as its my fur that makes me look so ....huggable n squidgy.

Gizzy helped me mop up the disaster scene before 'er what feeds me got home. I thought Gizzy had got a giant cheddar cheese under her arm at first but it was a sponge from the Gizzy Whizzie Car Wash. We got it all sorted out and made a big pot of tea to recover.

Ta Ta and don't forget, watch your whiskers out there.

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