Friday, 2 December 2011

The Bunny that came in from the cold...

Good Evening dearest friends and thank you for popping in to read my little blog, I do hope you are all safe and warm in your nesting materials on this wintery ol' night.

I'm sorry I've been off the whisker waves but it's such a responsibility taking care of everything whilst Jemmy Jim Jams, the Mafia Godmother is away in Russia - I'm cream crackered that's for sure!

Just before Jemmy left for Russia, we were told to knock up some top quality Faberge Eggs for her. I nicked some paint off 'er what feeds me and painted a boiled egg with a big daisy. Gizzy Whizzie stuck milk bottle tops on her egg and Atticus stuck feathers and rice grains to a egg he found up at Tatty Mudflingers Barn. Well dear readers, it was truly a mess and nothing like Faberge Eggs! The ol' rabbit boss looked at our attempts at genuine Faberge up and down and chuntered away looking a bit cheesed off. Never mind, we did try but if you want to cobble together a decent Faberge in this business you need a proper arty fraudster!

Jemmy arrived safely in Russia and met up with her dear friend Katya Hopenorff who is an Olympic ice skater. Jemmy had never been to Russia before so Katya took Jemmy on a bit of sight seeing.

 They went to the Ice Skating rink and Jemmy was so happy to see Katya again, they had originally met on the ice in Bracknell a few years ago!

Jemmy was once a brilliant ice hockey player for the Bracknell Bee's but she was a bit put off the game in the end as she kept being thrown into the sin-bin! She's a rough ol bunny but ....she is a Mafia Godmother after all!
 Jemmy Jim Jams discovered that Katya Hopenorff was not only very beautiful and a talented ice skater, but she was also in THE BUSINESS....mainly her expertise is jewellery theft..high end, not any ol tut! She also is superb at making genuine Faberge knock offs and Katya made Jemmy go all giddy n weak at the knees!
 Jemmy Jim jams had a call from a Russian Collector of Faberge Eggs. One of his best eggs had been nicked!! I know! You can't leave anything without wiring it to the mains these days! The Russian Collector said he had heard about Jemmy and her natural ability to acquire items in a tidy way and employed her to get his stolen egg back.

Katya  used her secret intelligence connections to locate the stolen egg which was in a big flashy Russian Mafia Mansion. Under instructions from Jemmy, Katya created an exact replica of the stolen egg - it was perfect!

Jemmy and Katya snook into the Mafia Mansion house all sneaky like, which was seriously daring and dangerous work! They did a switcheroo with the eggs. Katya's knock off work of art was left behind at the mansion - the Russian Mafia would never know they'd got a fake Faberge egg! What an excellent plan! The real egg was then quickly whipped away by Jemmy and given back to the very grateful rich owner!

Jemmy and Katya got a big reward of crinkly cabbage which they split 50-50.
Jemmy is flying home on Sunday so I need to hoover the Bunker and polish the grenades before she gets back. I'm so looking forward to the Christmas holidays so I can put my tabby paws up and relax.

Watch your whiskers out there and sleep well in your nesting materials. Ta Ta

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