Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Its Christmas Eve dearest blog readers and I am so excited as the fridge and food cupboards are not echoing with just a few teabags and half a jar of pickled onions but are full of lovely tasty things to snaffle!

'Er what feeds me has been zooming about the flat hoovering and dusting and she's cooking for five tomorrow and that includes little ol' me!

('Er would like to thank my dear follower Mister NetJimbo very much indeed for the scrumptious stash of homemade coconut macaroons...I had a few crumbs...but she wolfed the lot..Oh yes she did!)

I hope Santa Paws visits you all tonight and that everyone has a very Happy Christmas with a big dinner, I've been promised some turkey, peas and gravy if I'm good! Yum Yum.

Sleep snuggled in your nesting materials - Night Night ...

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