Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Turkey Tangle

Good evening dearest blog readers - I do hope you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations and had plenty of snaffling.

All was going well here until I eyed up a juicy turkey leg in the kitchen and I couldn't resist! I crept up commando style zig zagging chair legs, scampering and then being still as a statue. Er turned her back to reach for her Martini Asti & cherries and I leapt!

I flew through the air opening my gnashers wide and sunk um in to the turkey leg silent as a ninja. I volted through the swingy kitchen door and suddenly caught my toe in a wire!

All the fairy lights came crashing down with a flurry of cards and decorations... I wriggled and rolled trying to escape the colourful twinkly lights, the turkey leg still in my chops!

The next thing I know dear readers is I'm being roughly unravelled- it was all paws, teeth n whiskers - the turkey leg was prized from my chops and I was sent on my merry way up the garden path!

(Sigh)... you can't win them all dear friends but the important thing is I tried! I better keep clear of the flat till the dust settles so I'm off up to Windy Ridge to see Deirdre the Goat to see if she is having a happy holiday.

Sleep well in your nesting materials and Ta Ta till next time...

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