Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mystic Turkey

Good evening dearest blog readers....sorry I have been off the whisker waves for a while. The things that happen round here, I was just ambling along home after a plate of kippers and a game of scrabble with Atticus when I was suddenly bowled over by a blur of fast moving black feathers and boggley eyes.

You need to watch your whiskers out there! I scrambled up and looked about all startled, my tail all fluffed up like a bottle brush due to the shock. There before me was one of those dozy Turkeys from the farm that come n go annually...they appear then vanish with just a few feathers fluttering on the wind...(gulp) but it soon became apparent that this Turkey was different from all the others!

For starters he had escaped over several barbwire fences, an electrified fence and scarpered past two gun turrets and some big toothy dogs! I was intrigued and impressed and knew Jemmy Jim Jams the Mafia Godmother was always happy to locate fresh talent!

He apologised for knocking me flying but explained this time of year just ain't the best to be casually pottering along if you are a big fat turkey! He told me he was a Mystic Turkey and had dreamt and predicted a Turkey Massacre. All the other turkeys teased him and continued stuffing their beaks not believing him.....so he decided to leg it ! Its important in our line of business to be good at legging it!

I have hidden Mystic Turkey at Deirdre's the Goats Casino at Windy Ridge as I sensed he may enjoy playing Roulette.

On the way past the Christmas tree plantation I saw Alleron the Mafia Llama supervising our newest recruits - The Morrello Cherry Brothers, who were doing brilliantly with Christmas tree sales for Jemmy Jim Jams Enterprises.

Jemmy has gone to the airport to meet Katya Hopenorf in arrivals from Russia, they are spending Christmas together. I must say, I will be mighty glad for the holiday as I could do with feeding up a bit.

Bless you all especially all the poor panicked souls trying to do shopping for Christmas, watch your whiskers out there! Sleep well in your nesting materials - Taa Taa

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