Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Rescue of Mam-Ma Morrello

Good afternoon dearest blog readers...its been all drama 'ere, put your paws up with a hot cuppa tea and I'll tell you all about it...

 I got dragged to the V-E-Ts this week for my annual check up, I was all snoozy n warm after my breakfast and I should have been watching my whiskers when I was suddenly scooped up by 'er what feeds me and I MEEE-OOWEDddddd at full volume all the way to the V-E-Ts  and all the way back home. (Hee-Hee!)

I needed to get back didn't I as Jemmy Jim Jams was preparing a Rescue Mission. Mam-Ma Morrello and her three sons were in a whole heap of bunny bumbles up at the Morrello Cherry Ice Cream Factory.

Jem sent Fearless Rat up a drain pipe and along the rafters to find out what was going down and who we were dealing with.

Turns out it's Don 'Sharky the Toof' & Azula the Bamboozler that were holding the Morrello Cherry Family at Gun-point! Mam-Ma Morrello and her boys had been finding business tough going. Mam-Ma was extremely proud and could see the business slowly melting away into a sticky mess and it hurt so bad, she had taken to the Liqueur. In a moment of drunken desperateness she had taken a small crinkly cabbage leaf loan from Don 'Sharky the Toof' to try to rejuvenate the ice-cream business. As with all loan sharks, misery soon came with intimidating threats - they wanted to seize all the Morrello Property if Mam-Ma Morrello and the boys didn't pay off the loan that had been quadrupling by the second!

Luckily as you know, Mam-Ma Morrello had managed to get a SOS message to Jemmy via our own Sebby Coo Coo the Mafia Racing Pigeon.

Well...Jemmy Jims Jams WASN'T HAPPY or HAVING ANY OF THAT!...there's just too many crooks about ain't there!?
The Kit Kat Gang and our friends all gathered for battle. The kittens and the piglet possy wanted to come too but their Godmother Jemmy Jim Jams said it was too dangerous for the little ones. Ronnie & Reggie Piglet were so disappointed to miss out on the rumble they crept round to watch it all kick off from the top of the wall. Can you see them? They're naughty aren't they.

Now I'd like to say dear readers that there was a precise well thought out plan of attack but before Jemmy could tell us what was what, Alleron the Llama had one of his boggle-eyed fits due to all the excitement and began the CHARGE into the factory. Nothing like Surprise Tactics! Tatty tore after Alleron with his pitch fork and I thundered in with my big baseball bat closely followed by everyone else. Sebby Coo Coo swooped over and did a pigeon poo straight in Don Sharky Toofs only good eyeball.

Deirdre the goat - head down - bunted Don Sharky Toof into the air with such force he flew up and fell straight into a massive vat of Mint Choc Chip Ice-cream (my favourite!) Suddenly Azula the Bamboozla set the machine gun off and Jemmy & Gizzy did some kind of Matrix manoeuvre to avoid being peppered with bullets. Petunia lobbed her rolling pin and Paddy swung his cricket bat knocking the machine gun out of Azula the Bamboozlers paws. Alleron who had forgotten his medication had turned crazy n boggle-eyed and booted Azula into the Mint Choc Chip vat too!

I legged it hot paw outside to stop dear ol Atticus blowing up the factory with his intricately wired up Snappsie Bombs and everyone CHEERED!! Mam-Ma Morrello gave Jemmy Jim Jams a huge hug and thanked everyone so much for rescuing her family. Mam-Ma Morrello said it was really time she retired but needed a successor to take over the business. Her boys needed someone with a great business brain so Jemmy did a bunny deal there and then which means we get to eat lots of ice-cream.

With my chops full of minty choc chip, I made an anonymous slurpy chompy phone call to Police Sergeant Wilberforce, I told him his Christmas Present had come early and there were two really nasty crooks for him to bring in from the ice-cream freezer...

Well I do hope you enjoyed that little blog as much as me writing it out, watch out for loan sharks and bamboozlers wont you dear friends and don't have nightmares - sleep well!

Taa Taa.

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