Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bother in the Bunker

Good Evening dearest blog readers; thank you for tuning into the whisker waves on this very cold night.

I've been taking it easy today as Saturday night was such a nightmare, curl up in your nesting materials and I will tell you all about it.

Gizzy & I went out Saturday evening to tuck Sherbert the Race Horse into bed, I read to him a few pages of the Racing Post and when I looked up Sherbert and Gizzy had fallen fast asleep Zzz.

They looked so peaceful I crept out and went home to my nesting materials.

Now dear readers what your Idgie the Wildcat MacVity didn't know was that Gizzy awoke in the night and made her way home in the dark and took a short cut across Tatty Mudflingers field. Jemmy Jim Jams had failed to tell us that Aleron the Llama and The Morrello Cherry Brothers had set some traps for horse rustlers....

Gizzy had innocently hopped over the Barn Track and suddenly got zoomed up in the air by one of the Mafia Traps designed by Atticus, her little back paw was caught and she swung about high up in a tree MeeeOwwwIng at full volume for help!

The noise of Gizzy wailing and meeooowin at full volume had a woken Sherbert who is a bit sensitive and skittish. Frightened he galloped round to Jemmy Jim Jams Mafia Bunker and hopped into bed with the Mafia boss!

Jemmy awoke with a jump and saw a horses head poking out of her duvet. Her little bunny ticker went into over time and she immediately hit the bunker emergency alert button and keeled over in her planets PJs - the alert button sets an alarm off in my collar!

I legged it up to the bunker the speed of a tabby missile and I found complete pandemonium.

Aleron the Llama and the Morrello Cherry Brothers were trying to get Gizzy out of the tree and Sherbert was frantically trying to bring Jemmy round.


I'd got everyone mugs of tea and Jemmy fidgeted from side to side, she said the security and communication arrangement would need a careful rethink!

You don't say!

I do hope you all have a very peaceful night and Ta Ta for now ...

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