Friday, 6 January 2012


Good Evening to you dearest blog readers ...

Well I'll tell you the truth this morning I felt really low. All this fitness and fennel twig tea diet malarky was getting to me. 'Er what feeds me had cleared off fishing and I was all alone blubbing into the pond water coloured detox tea when AT LAST!!! Jemmy Jim Jams appeared!

Jemmy was shocked to find her Idgie the Wild Cat MacVity in such a sorry state...she fluffled up my fur with her little paws and said " Blimey whats this muck your drinking?!"

Well I explained that over Christmas I'd ate too much and turned from being Jems No.1 Bouncer to a No.1 Beach Ball and with that I started to wail into my detox tea. I explained about the skipping and fitness routines and Jem listened twanging her whiskers.

"Well, Idgie we ain't got time for this fitness malarky and sipsey tea piddle nonsense, I got you a present up at Tatty Mudflingers Barn...come on!! come on!! I got you a big Sherbert!!".

Excited I legged it after her, Jemmy bouncing off at a pace, I had to go into missile mode to keep up! I had the surprise of my life dear readers for Jemmy Jim Jams had indeed got me a big Sherbert.....

Sherbert the Race Horse!!!

Oooo My!!! Sherbert was really flash with rainbow coloured leg warmers and he was galloping about happily outside of Tatty Mudflingers Barn.

Jemmy told me she was gonna tell 'er what feeds me to lay off the dieting and fitness foolery as I had important Mafia work to do....

Its my job to look after Sherbert the Race Horse! I thought I'd better not ask how Jemmy got Sherbert but she did tell me his Racing name is the Fruit-Gum Flyer and has excellent odds for Kempton!

Jem had set me up with carrots and apples, a big bag of horsey nuts and straw and Sherbert had got a new red brush. I can see I'm going to be way too busy to be doing any fitness and dieting now, I got to care for a big horse!

Ta Ta for now dear friends, I've got to go hot paw up the field to tuck Sherbert into his bedding...Nigh Night

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  1. Ahh the mystery of Red Rum's disappearance is suddenly solved!