Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Fruitgum Flyer

Good Evening dearest blog readers and thank you very much for tuning into the whisker waves on this cold January night. I'm sorry I have been off air, I've been so busy caring for Sherbert the Race Horse, I haven't had time to smurf the web.

'Er what feeds me went to the pictures today and came back with a big red nose, teary eyeballs; soggy tissues as she saw War Horse. You know what a soft ol' banana she is about animals, she loves um! Fortunately she was cheered up immensely by dear Mr NetJimbo's new batch of coconut macaroons, thank you very much!

Due to the wolfing of said coconut macaroons, 'er has not lost any weight since I last broadcasted but your own dear Idgie the Cat has been so busy carrying water buckets, mucking out and wheelbarrowing supplies to Sherbert the Race Horse...I am losing weight! I've lost at least two whiskers and a tabby stripe.

I was meandering wearily home this evening after filling Sherberts deluxe mafia stable with straw and hay when I happened to spot Gizzy Whizzie at the Garage carrying a big package tied up with red ribbon. Gizzy waved and explained the package had appeared on the doorstep. Suspiciously I listened to it to insure it was not ticking and I sniffled it in case it contained something edible.

I soon gave it the paws up so Gizzy opened it...Inside was a credit card and a note in a small brown envelope from my boss Jemmy Jim Jams, the Rabbit Mafia Godmother. It instructed Gizzy to try on the clobber contained in the box to see if it fits and to give the credit card to me to buy supplies for Sherbert the Race Horse. Gizzy followed the instructions and went to put on the kit. We soon found out that Gizzy Whizzie had been given a blackberry coloured riding hat and a rainbow coloured silk shirt, jodhpurs and shiny riding boots.

I giggled at the sight of her but she felt very proud to be selected to ride Sherbert - The Fruitgum Flyer and is very enthusiastic, although the nearest she has ever come to horses is feeding them polo mints.

Anyway, I'm off to my nesting materials now to make a list of horse supplies before snuggling down. Sleep well and Ta ta for now.

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  1. We think that your pictures are fab, they are just like Nick Sharratt's, only better :-). They would be great as greetings cards. Love L & T x