Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wibberly Wobberly Web

Good evening dear friends ...I do hope you are all tickerty-boo on this wintery ol' night.

Not all of us are well acquainted with the complexities of the technologicals...you know what I'm waffling about, all this smurfling of the wobble you wobble you wobble you. Even your own dear tabby blogger gets into a pickle-muss with the ol' kibble bites, mega bites n what nots.

Today Atticus and I got drafted into The Treacle Mines where 'er what feeds me tries to work. I went armed with a mega-phone and Atticus who is a trained negotiator took tea and coconut macaroons to tempt a peace deal as there were problems with the technologicals.

The Treacle Mine is full of bewildered souls and 'er being more of a outdoor welly boots girlie had been pushed to the edge with the new Big Bruver type sneaky eyeballing monitors.

Atticus waggled n rustled the coconut macaroon packaging and I quickly grabbed the megafone as Jemmy has trained me for this.....



Atticus held the mug of tea up and ' fortunately for everyone including the works PC 'er was drawn away by the macaroons.

The result was, I got my supper on time and all is well now....

Don't have nightmares and sleep well - Ta Ta!

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