Saturday, 21 January 2012

Mustaffa Carrot

Good evening to you dearest friends ,I do hope you are all very well.

Now then, the last time I tuned into the whisker waves I had received a credit card with instructions from my boss Jemmy Jim Jams to buy supplies for Sherbert the Race Horse. The straw in Sherberts Stable was quite scratchy n pointy on my little paws so I thought a nice big rug would be nice for Sherbert and a deluxe sofa. Sherbert said he fancied one of those big plasma TVs and some magazines to read so I got all that sorted out for him. I got some popcorn and fizzy pop too and the Star Wars DVD box set. We had just got to watching The Empire Strikes back when the stable door was booted open and there stood Jemmy Jim Jams.

Ooo dear....well after a lot of threatening paw shaking and stamping up n down it soon became apparent I'd gone and bought all the wrong stuff...

Sherbet's lip quivered as he wasn't use to all this rabbity tirade. I'm use to the boss kicking off, you just have to let your tabby mind drift to somewhere else or imagine the theme music from The Magic Roundabout or The Archers... Jemmy Jim Jams ended with ...ALL RIGHT - YOU CAN KEEP THE TV and with a flick of her fluffy white tail she bounced off...( fankgawd!)

I do know dear readers that Jemmy is meeting this Arabian Bunny called Mustaffa Carrot and some of his wives this afternoon,  Ive heard he has made it big in Camel Racing and supplied Jemmy with the credit card for Sherberts 'supplies'...(He He)....I bet its some kind of bunny business deal going on.

Gizzy has been giving Sherbert mint treats and going riding everyday. All is I am a bit nervy as its when all is well dear friends that folks need to watch their whiskers!

Else where 'er what feeds me is not getting far with the battle of the paunchy belly, 'er has been playing Badminton but then promptly wolfed down a Hot Morrello Cherry Crumble....there are also tell tail signs of yet more Coconut Macaroon could be a long time before the paunchy belly is a good friend says often there are two hopes...Bob Hope n No Hope...and Bob Hopes snuffed it.

Anyway...there may be hope of crinkly cabbage coming soon as Jemmy is entertaining Mustaffa Carrot and his wives tonight with felafel's n sorbet, I hope they got some Alka Seltza is all I'm saying....

Sleep well in your nesting materials, Ta Ta

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