Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tatty's Hat

Good evening dearest blog readers, I do hope you are all safe and warm in your nesting materials on this very blowy night....the wind is so strong I'm mighty glad to be indoors.

This morning there was a little ratta-tat-tat at the door and I opened it to find little Gizzy Whizzie who had just got home from the Christmas holidays. Her Nanny Whizzie had knitted a overly roomy woolly jersey which wasn't the most practical as Gizzy works in the garage with all the oily engines. It was white with pink frilly trim and a big pink snowflake motif. ( I tried not to giggle!) It was lovely to see her.

We thought we would go for a little walk up to Tatty Mudflingers barn but the wind was so strong it was very difficult to put one paw in front of the other. Suddenly a union jack bra flew past and got caught in the tree tops which made us laugh. Then we saw Tatty Mudflingers straw hat spiral up and whizzle by, I could see Tatty running along the field chasing his hat. Just then a mighty gust came and I saw the pink snowflake on Gizzy Whizzies jersey zoom past and I just managed to hook my claw in the frilly pink trim to stop Gizzy being thrown into the air.

I had rather too much Christmas pudding and snaffling so I made a jolly good anchor as to our horror Gizzy Whizzies new jersey began to unravel. She was whisked up ...up...up into the air like a kite and I held on to the pink trim wool line with all my might. Gizzy whizzie waved her little paws about and yelled for help. She managed to catch Tatty Mudflingers straw hat! Can you see her hanging on to it?

Despite the multiple turkey and pickle ploughmans I'd had and the great dollops of brandy butter it was not enough to stop me being dragged along in the howling wind.. Fortunately dear ol Tatty Mudflinger pounced on my back paws and we at last came to a halt and were able to reel Gizzy back to Earth.

We all went home and had a large cup of tea to get over the shock. Tatty put his straw hat back on and the little mouse that always lives in his hat was a bit traumatised and dizzy from the earlier flight! Can you see him sitting in his hat? Gizzy was a bit upset about the loss of her new woolly jersey so I am knitting her another.

'Er what feeds me is rumberling on about going on a diet....(gulp -I know, isn't it silly, I've told her I have short tabby legs but she claims to not understand me)...I may have to do some kind of exercise routine soon so take pity upon me as I fear I will not be able to wriggle out of it this time!

Keep safe and watch your whiskers out there dear readers and sleep well in your nesting materials...Night Night.

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