Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Big Bang

Dear Friendly Folk - I do hope you are all tickerty-boo this evening. It's been a rather alarming kind of day, so why not park up a while - take the weight off your paws and I'll tell you all what happened.
Jemmy Jim Jams - The Godmother Mafia Rabbit sorted out a a big card game round at Deirdre the Nanny Goats pen and a few of us went over for the game. Fearless Rat was there, so was Gizzy Whizzie and Ol' Tatty Muckflinger too. Professor Atticus came in at the last second, he has big fangs but Fearless Rat is under protection from The Rabbit Mafia movement so The Kit Kat Gang cant ever twirl him or anything sinister like that. We all sat round an old upturned bath and the game was going good, Jemmy was wearing her daft green dealers cap but we all kept stum and didn't giggle coz she would take it bad ...real bad. She lit up one of those giant stinky cigars and was chomping away when she flicked a bit of ash....

Thank our whiskers for Gizzy as she spotted that some of the straw had ignited right by one of the Tatty Schnappsie sample crates that Deirdre had kept for winter fuel.....

We all dived under the bath and....

It was a tight squeeze and it was all paws and claws. There we all were crampt up tight wondering if we should dare look out to see if it was safe, it was so hot under the tin bath and it wasn't till Deirdre's bad wind problem kicked in that we all shot out as we preferred our chances outside!

We were all fine but Deirdre has moved in to Tatty Muckflingers Barn. Now do yourselves a big favour dear friends, cigars are real bad for you so don't smoke ...coz you may not be as quick as us lot to find a bath tub!

Sleep well and see you soon, Ta Ta.

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