Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Easter Bunny

Good Morning dear friends and HAPPY EASTER to you all....and it is indeed a Happy Easter due to the quick actions of ‘Hav-a-go’ Hare and ‘The Godmother Rabbit’,  Jemmy Jim Jams.
The sun had just gawn down so it was all a glowy n sillohettey in the fields ...the hedgerows a buzzing n verdant by day was now still as all the buzzers n busiers had gawn to their nesting materials. Jemmy and I was just hopping on home to our bedding, when through the long wavy grass burst out ‘Have-a go' Hare all bouncy n flustered up in his boxing gloves n boots.
“Jemmy! Sum ‘ink real bad ‘appening  up on The Clumps - You gotta come now n prevent a disaster.”
Jemmy n I never ever went up to The Clumps Woodland after dark, not coz we are scared or nuffink but coz there was some funny Primitive Tribe of Wild Brown Rabbits who was into Ancient Magic n Mystical Moon Worship.
We crawled up the hill commando like which I’m ever so good at and we peered through a bramble thicket so see all the wild rabbits hopping about n wailing at the moon. What a blinkin’ racket and weird, I’d just about had enough of the weird chanting n was shuffling my woolly behind round to creep away when it all went silent. The Elder Rabbit spoke to all his Tribe, “ let us PRAY to the Moon Goddess to send The Great White Easter Rabbit to save us all from a Massacre, them Humanbean Snarers n Lampers are all in the pub but will be a coming soon up the hill to do for us!”.  There was lots of crying and wailing and the baby brown bunnies hid in the big bunnies fur. Pray now and bring your clover n new spring shoots to the alter for the Moon Goddess. Have Faith that ‘ The Great White Rabbit’ will come and Save us from the Easter Menu at the pub!
“See told you”, sez 'Hav-a-go' Hare, them wild ol’ bunnies think gifts to the Moon Goddess is gonna stop them Snarers n Lampers at The Poachers Pot Pub coming up the Clumps n duffing um all in.
Not on my Manor!”, sez Jem!
In a Flash of a whisker  ‘The Old Kit Kat Gang’ was assembled and all of Jems Mafia contacts on the patch.  Jems gets up on a straw bale wearing her bowler  and holding her violin case which is a signal that something BIG is gonna kick off...Jem says dramatically to us all...
”We shall fight on the Beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender....”
As part of Gizzy Whizzies Project she had been developing ejector seats and parachutes using Atticus designs  and the three Parachute packs had been made but the mechanism for being fired into the sky was not full proof yet but it was now an Emergency. The Kit-Kat Gang had acquired a Big Union Jack Bra from the Rectory washing line and we used it to propel Jemmy , Gizzy and I into the air so we could parachute down to The Poachers Pot pub.  I threaded mouldy tatties up the exhaust pipes of the waggons n Jem pumped schnappsie into the beer lines. Gizzy removed all the landrover lamp bulbs.
Whilst we were there, Digger the Mole took all that could  handle schanappsie explosives down to the road from the Pub to The Clumps to blow gigantic potholes in to the tarmac. The Rest of The Kit Kat Gang put Council Flood Warning signs up and Tree Fallen & Gas Leak signs to deter humanbeans.
It was hectic but dear blog readers...The Great White Rabbit did come to the Rescue ...not exactly beamed from the Moon Goddess but all lives were saved and Easter is a happy day for one and all!
Have a loverly Easter break, go safe on your paws and cheerie-pip till next time.. 

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