Monday, 18 April 2011


Dearest Blog Reader - Good Evening to ya!

I had a super time on the Woofet Ferry, Paddy and I cooked up all the sausages in the Gally and we snuffled um up quick.
'Er what feeds me has me on this daft diet so dont tell 'er or I be in a whole ka-fluffle! With my tummy full of Irish finest sausage I lolloped over the fields but I come over all sleepy n snoozy..woozey..floppsie..zzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I was awoken by a great rumberling. I feared for my whiskers dear readers. In my state  of snoozy slumberdom I thought a great earth quake had hit but it turned out to be Digger the Mole.

I expect you all have come across the type...I bet you know what I mean, you know - them what really gets on your whiskers! A nice enough fellow with a Mrs Mole and Molettes n all that....but Blimey...what a know it all and does your bonce in! I could have ate him.... but regretably he's a contractor for Jemmy in Demolition and Excavation...(sigh)...what  a shame. Luckily, he has shocking eye-sight so before he gets glimpse of me I scarpered hot-paw over to Atticus's house to pick up the blue prints.

Anyway, snuggle you down friendly folk n sleep well in your nesting materials - talk to you soon.

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