Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Moggy to the Rescue

Good Evening to you all, thank you & thank you again for popping in to read my little blog and sorry for being off air or whatever you call it.... I have been on duty over this weekend and you can blame 'er what feeds me!
The garden was getting to be like a jungle which for a little ol' moggsie like myself is really fab hiding in the bongle-weed n leaping on dandelions but....'er had to go ferreting about looking for the done in garden mower. I say 'done in' as its no doubt Victorian as not electrically advanced, one of them shove it and hope the blades go round jobs. Unfortunately 'er found  the mower and tried to force it along giving it a wellie boot every time it got stuck ( which was often) I started to stress slightly about my tea as 'er turned the mower upside down and was trying to un-bung the thing when...... Owwwwwwww......nasty.....

So I had to go fetch the First Aid Kit as the mad woman tried to clean the mower blades with 'er bare mits!

Do yourselves a big favour NOW...go make sure you got a First Aid kit with stuff in it...you know STUFF like plasters and bandages n all that ma-larky. It'll save you dearest Blog Reader from a whole heap of kafluffle - YOU KNOW IT MAKE SENSE!

Well...after Id fixed the poorly paw on 'er I thought all this bongle-weed chopping was over and Id be able to go skipping on over to see Gizzy`Whizzie at Tatty Mudflingers Barn but Noooooo! Just when you think its safe my dears...WATCH YOUR WHISKERS I SAY!
'Er has always been a big fan of Flight Officer Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) in the space science fiction film Aliens and I was fearful as 'er came out into the garden in overalls n boots with a big ol hedge zuzzar...what a terrible racket! I had to put my little ol tabby paws in my ear'oles!The zuzzing vibration made my whiskers go twangy all the while she was attacking the hedge....and when it was all over 'er couldn't even hold her cuppa tea without spilling it!

I'm pleased to say ' er what feeds me is feeling much better now and I don't have to worry about my tea being shaken all over place before it reaches my bowl.

Bless you all and go safely on your paws - please please make sure you got a first aid kit. Good Night

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