Sunday, 17 April 2011

Pig Sty & AHOY!

Good Morning dear friends...

After the bath tub incident and the big bang, Jemmy-Jim-Jams was slightly ka-fluffled for a few seconds but she's as rough as a badgers bottom and was soon back to bunny mafia business.

She hopped orf and was in cahoots with Professor Atticus about some top secret blue-prints for Gizzy Whizzy's project. She said we would "hop on over" to Professor Atticus's in the morning. I don't know how she thinks that we could just "hop on over" to Atticus's place, as it is quite a journey for woolley's like ourselves.

Jemmy and I set orf up the fields and we could hear a deafening noise, it was rap music booming out of Pertunia Pigs Pad.

 Jemmy got up on the wall and there below was Petunia in a terrible temper. She said, "Oh Jemmy, the piglets have all got hoodies and formed a Piglet Possy, the place is like a PIG-STY! Since their Papa "THE SWINE" left me bringing up six piglets all on my own, things have got beyond a piggin' joke". Exasperated she said, "they won't turn the racket down".

(Dear readers, the piglets Papa Pig went orf on a trip to Denmark a little while ago with the lads after all havin' identical tattoos done saying "100% Danish", how odd...?!!?!. Jemmy's contact in Denmark reported that they'd all gone missing - but that's another story).

Jemmy instructed me to continue on to Atticus's house without her, as she was going to have a "WORD" with the Piglet Possy about respect for their Mum (gulp!).

As I scampered down to the canal, I heard the rap music go silent and some shrill squealing, (gulp!)

Now - I had to go furkle out the O'Sullivan Woofets who run a special ferry boat service in exchange for a supply of the finest Irish Sausages and tennis balls...

I'll tell you about the rest of the journey soon.


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